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Maynard Electric Safety Tips : It's only natural to take electricity for granted. Push a button or flip a switch and it's there for us.

Push a button or flip a switch and all of the electrical marvels come to life for us. Without proper wiring and maintenance, these modern miracles can lead to daily disasters. Every year, thousands of men, women, and children suffer injuries and burns from improper or unsafe wiring installations and electrical repairs. Each year in this country, hundreds of people die, and thousands are seriously injured with electrical fires and shocks, most which could have been prevented with some simple safety guidelines.

Unsafe Panel Box

Safe Panel Box
Safety Tips :

If you have Fuses in your Home or a Panel Box that is out dated, you should seriously consider replacing them with newer Circuit Breakers. Breakers are more reliable, and can trip quickly before a problem arises. A GFCI is an electronic device installed in the home that constantly monitors the amount of current flow, and turns off the electricity at the first sign of any electrical imbalance, before a very serious electrical shock can happen.

GFCI Outlets and Breakers can protect you from prolonged electric shock by interrupting the current flow before someone is injured. They can be hard wired into your electrical panel for individual circuits. If you have them in your home at the present time, they should be tested every month for proper Electrical Safety Operation.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about your electrical wiring, call us at Maynard Electric for a free in-home consultation.

Maynard Electric recommends electrical saftey awareness and safety guidelines in your own home.

 Be alert to any Burning Smell in your Home
 Replace Fuses with Newer Circuit Breakers
 Check on Recurring Tripped Breakers
 Feeling a Tingle when Touching Appliances
 Watch for Lights that Flicker or Dim slightly
 Install and Upgrade to GFCI Outlets in Home
 Discoloration or Sounds with Outlets or Switches
 Avoid High Amp Appliances on Same Circuit
 Install Child Proofing Devices on Outlets
 Always use a Qualified Electrician for any Work

ELECTRICAL SAFETY HELP :   OSHA Electrical Safety Guidelines     IBEW    National Apprenticeship and Training Committee

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